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We are here 24/7,

supporting your trucking service

Whether you are looking for tire service over the road, safety services, help with CDL driver recruiting, or fuel discounts, we're here to help.

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How it Works

Meet our comprehensive "get on with trucking" solution

Each step positions your trucking company for increased efficiency and success

cheap truck tires
Safety services
recruiting truck drivers
fuel services
trucking insurance companies

Trucking Insurance

truck business

Your trucking business

Get more efficient, save money, keep on trucking.


Ready for the benefits of a mega-carrier?

Learn how you can become part of the exciting program and start enjoying the benefits of a Mega Carrier without investing millions of dollars.


Some of our Clients

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Why Paul Mark Group?

Simple: put us to work, so that you can concentrate on yours.

cheap truck tires

Tires over the road, made easy.

Getting tires changed over the road can be simple and affordable - really. In the past 7 years, we helped trucking companies save over $19,600,000 on premium tires. We offer installation and alignment/balancing on-site as well.

Safety Services

Don’t wait until it’s too late – receive top-notch safety support for your trucks today.

safety services
all terrain tires
truck driver recruiting

Driver Recruiting

Hire top-of-the-line drivers without the need to make calls or paying for ads.

You can have HUGE savings on fuel today - seriously.

With unbeatable savings and a wide network that in-cludes Ta, Petro, Kwik Trip, Speedway, Quick Fuel, Road Ranger, Kwik Star and Sapp Bros, not only has Paul Mark Group quickly established one of the best fuel card programs in the country, but we did it with 24/7 service and by always putting our clients first.


Here's the latest from Paul Mark

Our Clients

Why customers like us?

Awesome group!! Paul is easy to work with. He got us a set of Michelin tires and back on the road!

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