Get industry-leading driver recruitment services, fuel cards, and safety support today.

Take your trucking logistics to the next level

At Paul Mark Group, we specialize in truck driver recruitment services, but that’s far from the only thing we do. In addition to sourcing experienced and reliable drivers, we help businesses across America secure great rates on fuel and remain safety compliant. In other words, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your most pressing needs.

We help great companies connect with great drivers

Want to ensure that your freight gets delivered on time, every time? Tap into our trusted network of reliable truck drivers today.


When you partner with Paul Mark Group, you get access to a thoroughly vetted pool of professional drivers who have a proven track record of results.

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Looking to improve safety for your trucks and drivers?

Don’t wait until it’s too late – call us today. Our 24/7 support team helps trucking companies with a number of key safety measures including DOT audits, trip reports, and logbook monitoring.


We know maintaining safety is important to your business…that’s why we’ve made it important to our business too.

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Save money on fuel with Paul Mark today

With unbeatable savings across a wide network, our fuel card program is already one of the best in the country.


Our secret? We put the needs of our client companies first and include no transaction fees or long-term contracts. Start saving on fuel with Paul Mark Group today.

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Beneficial for trucking companies and drivers

At Paul Mark Group, we work to balance the needs of drivers with the needs of companies so that everybody wins. Here’s how:
company features Earn Industry Leading Rates Over 40 active drivers are already earning 55-60CPM with reliable work. Are you next?
company features Get Reliable, On-Time Deliveries Join 8 companies across various industries that are already receiving top quality service.
company features Partner with People you Trust We thoroughly vet drivers and partner companies to ensure our community thrives.
company features Better efficiency = More Profit Our streamlined process means companies save money while drivers earn more.

Partner with us today to experience the benefits for yourself.


Miles Brazan, Driver

Paul Mark Group is a top tier organization. Over the years Paul has been a mentor to me. His...

Paul Mark Group is a top tier organization. Over the years Paul has been a mentor to me. His expert consultation has helped me find success in the industry. I know his commitment to fairness and equality. I believe in the Paul Mark Group mission and certainly the man leading the way.

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Iggy. Trucking Company Owner,IL

I am a customer of Paul’s recruiting services for over a...

I am a customer of Paul’s recruiting services for over a year now. His team works with drivers needs to be able to match them to a trucking company-which reduces turnover rates. His team saves me money, time and lets me focus on more important things in my business.

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Rico William, Driver

I love working at Paul Mark Group. They are very understanding and completely open to any and...

I love working at Paul Mark Group. They are very understanding and completely open to any and every situation. The work is never stressful and you can almost guarantee close to perfect equipment.

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Core Recruitment Services

CDL Class A Drivers We specialize in offering CDL Class A Driving services and Dry Van Trailers. Contact today to learn more.
3rd Party Driver Recruitment Through our trucking logistics recruitment services, we find reliable drivers for other transportation companies.
Internal Driver Development On top of industry-leading compensation and paid vacation time, we help our drivers vet and avoid exploitative clients.
Other Trucking Logistics As an independently owned company, we are equipped to handle custom projects. Contact today for a quote.

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Apply for your industry-leading fuel card today

With Paul Mark Group’s exclusive fuel card program, you could be saving thousands of dollars more than what you are already saving each year. To learn more, send us your current fuel report and we’ll provide a detailed break-down of your potential future savings.

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