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Understanding Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

If you're managing your own trucks, it's all about staying ahead of operating costs. Running your business without spending too much is important, especially when things are tough.

Fuel can take up nearly a quarter of your earnings. You might think there's nothing you can do about this. But, there is. In this blog, we'll show how fuel cards can make a big difference and help your trucking business save money.

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is a bit similar to a credit card, but you use it to pay for gas and diesel. You fill your truck up, walk to the shop, and pay with your fuel card.

But a fuel card isn't just a way to pay. It can help you spend less on gas and other things your trucks need. Trucking companies can get money back on diesel, join reward programs, and even get reports on their spending.

Fuel Cards for Trucking Businesses

Fuel cards are really helpful tools for people running trucking fleets. They make it easy to keep an eye on how much is being spent, who is spending it, where it's being spent, and on what type of fuel.

What makes fuel cards great for our business is that they can be used at gas stations nationwide. So, no matter where your trucks are going, truckers can always use their fuel cards.

Fuel card benefits

Having a good fuel card helps you in many ways. Fuel is a big part of what truck drivers spend their money on, and prices can change a lot. But a fuel card can help you save money, even when prices go up and down.

However, a fuel card is not only good for saving money on fuel. It can also make it easier for you to keep track of what you spend. Some fuel cards can connect with your accounting software, so you don't have to keep all your receipts or write down every time you buy fuel.

Lastly, some fuel cards come with discounts on other things you might need, like hotels, truck parts, repairs, and emergency services. Plus, the points you get from fuel purchases add up quickly. You can use these points to buy food or new truck equipment.

At Paul Mark Group, we offer an all-inclusive fuel card to meet every trucker's needs. There are no extra fees when you use our card, and the savings are usually greater than with any other program. Moreover, you don't need to sign a contract, and we provide weekly updates on your savings. We have fuel stations at 1,390 locations all across the country, so no matter where you are, you can use our card to get fuel.

Fuel efficiency tips

On the road, besides using a fuel card, there are simple steps you can take to maximize your fuel efficiency.

It all starts with your speed. Slowing down by just 1 MPH might not seem like much, but it can actually improve your fuel economy. Also, try to keep your engine speed between 1250 and 1350 RPM - this is the best range for saving fuel.

Checking your tires is another simple step. Make sure they are not underinflated. If your tire pressure is 1 PSI less than it should be, your truck can use up to 0.3% more fuel.

Finally, the less you brake, the more fuel you save. So, try to keep a good distance from the vehicle in front to avoid unnecessary braking.


In the world of trucking, fuel cards are essential. They manage one of the most significant costs by offering major fuel savings. Additionally, they provide extra discounts which are highly beneficial on the road. If you're interested in understanding more about the importance and benefits of fuel cards, our blog post 'Fuel Discounts For Trucking Companies In 3 Easy Steps with Fuel Cards' offers a deeper dive into this topic.

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