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Paul Mark CEO

Paul Mark | CEO

Our Story

Paul Mark Group was founded by Paul Mark and a core team of dedicated pros in 2017.

As long-time logistics industry professionals, we were convinced there was a better way to do business in our industry. Some trucking companies were profitable but treated their drivers poorly. Others treated their drivers well but struggled to compete for jobs. We wanted to form a community that bridged the gap and benefited trucking companies and drivers equally. From that core idea, Paul Mark Group was born.


Headquartered in Chicago, we began life as an independently owned, membership-based recruitment company that connects qualified drivers with the companies that require their services. Before long, we expanded our scope of services to include an industry-leading tire services, fuel discounts,  as well as an outstanding safety program.


Today, we specialize in truck tires and fuel services, and now serve our partners as a loyal, reliable and trustworthy one-stop-shop for trucking logistics support. We are based in Chicago, and our 24/7 commitment to hard work, efficiency and customer support has made us a leading option for trucking logistics companies all across the United States.

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