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premium carrier service

What is the Paul Mark Group's Premium Carrier Service Program and how does it work? Learn how you can become part of the exciting program and start enjoying the benefits of a Mega Carrier without investing millions of dollars.

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The portal allows you to request service at major truck stops and arrange for minor repairs, as well as road service, all at discounted prices, right from your computer or phone.

What you get:



Our fuel card comes with higher fuel discounts than what you're currently receiving, with no transaction fees, plus a weekly credit line, and no signup fees. You'll also have access to a wide network of major truck stops.


And even better: there is no contract - you can leave us at anytime, if you wish. That should show you that we're confident in our product. 


2. Exclusive Pricing on Premium Tires

Tires are typically expensive, and you will gain access to exclusive, discounted premium tire pricing. Tires are available nationwide at an exclusive price, or can be delivered in the Midwest for free. For instance, a premium steer tire with 16-ply, which usually costs $900 per tire, will cost you just $567 as part of the Paul Mark Group.


3. Access to AFFORDABLE Tires Nationwide over the road

There a premium, economic tire that would cost you $40 more on the road than it would at your home repair shop.


As a member of the Paul Mark Group, you can get a premium economy trailer tire for only $330, no matter where you are: California, Illinois, etc.


4. Roadside Service Assistance

Imagine this situation: it's Saturday, you're enjoying a barbecue, and suddenly, your truck-trailer blows out somewhere over the road. With your truck on the side of the highway, you're faced with the task of finding roadside assistance. You're forced to interrupt your day and work on securing a road service.


However, you remember that a few weeks ago made the decision to join the Paul Mark Group by taking advantage of the fuel card with its added benefits. Now, Paul Mark Group will handle this problem for you at a discounted price and headache-free, so you can continue enjoying your Saturday.


5. Exclusive 24/7 Customer Service

We understand how frustrating it can be for a business person like yourself to navigate through phone extensions and wait on hold for answers. So, we created a customer service model that provides direct lines and assigns each carrier to a specific support person. This approach enables us to offer exclusive customer service to our customers without the need to wait.

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Current Paul Mark Group Premium Carrier Program Members save an average of:


And that's on fuel alone!

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