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Tires done the right way

Minimize downtime and keep your fleet moving while saving up to 30% on your truck tires! At Paul Mark Group, we offer high-quality truck tires at a discounted price, collection with or without installation at major truck stop, delivery across multiple states, and 24/7 mobile on-road tire service. Contact us now, receive your personalized offer, and get up and running in no time.

Tire Store

Tire Store

Tires can be delivered, shipped, or picked up from our partners' locations nationwide.

In the past 7 years, we helped trucking companies save...



on premium tires

pricing pdf

Paul Mark Group Tire Pricing Sheet

Download the full pricing sheet of our premium tires, including single purchase as well as bulk.

michelin tire pricing

Need premium tires over the road? Get them in 4 easy steps:

Give us a call or fill out the Submit Request form on our website. You can reach us at (630) 788-9972.


Select your location

You're over the road, so let us know exactly where you are located for the nearest tire installation.


Pick up & installation

We will let you know the closest location - go there for the pick up or installation of your tires


Hit the road, Jack!

You are all set! Hit the road with your new premium tires, earn, and keep going.


Contact us


Submit Request

Thanks for submitting!

While others overspend on truck tires...

Of course, if you are looking for short-term money savings, you can spend less buying affordable tires. However, in the long run, premium tires beat their cheaper competition in fuel savings and long-lasting traction. With that being said, premium tires may cost up to $X,XXX per truck. Multiply it with the number of trucks you have, and you probably came up with a significant amount of money. But did you know premium tires can cost you much less? We offer installation and alignment/balancing on-site as well.

 affordable tire

Paul Mark Group customers are saving over 30%

What if you could save up to 30% when buying tires for your fleet? How could you leverage that capital to grow your business? With 7 years of experience and selling over 10,000 truck tires each year, we can offer premium tires at significantly lower prices than our competitors. Fill out the request form or call us to find out how much exactly you could save by buying premium tires from Paul Mark Group and using our services.

truck tires

Premium-Quality Tires At a Discounted Price


Leverage our experience and the relationships we have built with major truck tire manufacturers in 7+ years to purchase premium tires with up to 30% discount!

Countrywide Delivery

Any orders of over 30 tires can be delivered to the states of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Want to order 300 tires or more? We will deliver your order to any state or city in the USA.

Convenient Collection And Installation

Collect your tires with or without installation at our truck stop! Schedule the time that fits your workload to keep your fleet and operations running smoothly.

24/7 On-Road Mobile Service

Avoid frustration and downtime with our mobile tire service. Contact us, and our committed professionals, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, will swiftly solve your on-the-road tire emergency.


We Guarantee The Best Price On The Market

After analyzing competitors, receiving countless requests, and selling tens of thousands of truck tires every year…

We can proudly state – we offer the best prices for premium tires, period. In fact, we are so confident in having the most competitive prices that we came up with our own unique Unbeatable-Price Guarantee.​ Whenever you ask us for a pricing quote, be sure to get the best price on the market.

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