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Fuel Discounts For Trucking Companies In 3 Easy Steps with Fuel Cards

Updated: May 23, 2023

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Accounting for up to 40% of trucking companies' costs, fuel falls second as the most significant expense for trucking companies, only behind maintenance, service, and repairs. Logging thousands of miles daily, there should be no surprise that companies are on the hunt for fuel discounts. Fortunately, one of the simplest ways to save on fuel is also one of the most effective – using fuel cards. Find out how in 3 easy steps, these cards benefit trucking companies with just one swipe away from thousands of dollars spent less!

Step 1: Understanding How Fuel Discounts Work

The programs and fuel cards are the most common and effective way for trucking companies to save on something vital as fuel. And sometimes, it can deliver additional benefits beyond the fuel discounts. Fuel cards are made to benefit carriers that range in various sizes, whether a single rig or dozens of trucks. Customers for these cards also stretch from contracted carriers and private fleets to independent operators.

A high-quality fuel card program will deliver trucking companies significant per-gallon fuel discounts and savings on other services.

Fuel cards can be seen as a bridge to the partnership between a trucking company and a fuel station merchant intending to drive sales for those fuel station merchants. As a carrier, a fuel card that offers substantial savings on fuel at convenient locations along the lanes that the company runs is what you want.

Using the services of a fuel card program that delivers the right blend of discounts and flexibility could make savings worth thousands of dollars annually just on fuel alone!

These discounts can vary significantly at each fuel stop or location, with the possibility of daily changes.

Step 2: Finding The Right Card

The right fuel card comes with a reliable company that tackles all mentioned above, and companies such as Paul Mark Fuel are prime examples.

Paul Mark Fuel saves an average of 35 cents a gallon with an opportunity to fuel up at more than 1,490 nationwide in-network locations.

In addition, companies such as Paul Mark Fuel boast rich experience in the field while offering attractive perks with fuel card programs such as a reward point system, discounts at certain pump spots, and more!

Many diverse options are best explored according to the specific trucking company type and needs. These are examples of how highly-reviewed fuel card programs and services offer to land a hand in saving expenses for the fuel.

Step 3: Reek All Additional Benefits

The focus might be on the fuel and its sometimes grueling expenses, but once you start using the fuel card program, don't forget all the additional benefits it can bring, depending on the provider.

From general maintenance, repairs, and tires to document scanning, lodging, and many other various expenses:

· Fuel discounts: Fuel card providers offer discounts on fuel purchases at various gas stations nationwide. These discounts range from a few cents to several dollars per gallon, adding significant savings over time.

· Control and monitoring: Fuel cards allow trucking companies to control and monitor fuel expenses more effectively. Companies can limit fuel purchases per driver, day, or week, preventing theft or unauthorized purchases.

· Convenience: Fuel cards are very convenient for trucking companies as they eliminate the need for drivers to carry cash or credit cards for fuel purchases. Drivers can also fuel up at any participating gas station nationwide, making planning their routes and stops easy.

· Reporting: Fuel card providers offer detailed reports that show fuel usage, costs, and savings. This information can be used to identify areas where fuel consumption can be reduced and savings can be increased.


In summary, fuel cards can provide significant savings for trucking companies through fuel discounts, better control and monitoring of fuel expenses, convenience, and detailed reporting.

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