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Why October Was Good For Truck Drivers

Updated: May 23, 2023

Yes, the trucking industry may still be way behind on fulfilling their needs for truck drivers, and those challenges to acquire them continue to linger around, but that doesn‘t mean the trucking industry has forgotten them. And October was a month that proved that big time. Compared to other months, such as August or September, the previous month of October was a delightful period of time for truck drivers and here‘s why!

Trucking Industry Added Thousand of Jobs

October proved to be a delightful month for the economy as a whole, as we saw modest growth in the economy. And on top of that, 128,000 jobs were added as well, with sectors like construction industry opening 10,000 spots alone.

But it is all about the trucking industry, and it joined the party as well, with its own numbers which may not be the best, but it is a quite big improvement.

After a devastating 4,300-job loss in September and three straight months of decline, October turned out better than expected and bounced back with an approximate of 1,300 payroll jobs in the trucking industry

a lot of trucks in a parking lot

Big Companies Expand & Invite Newcomers

In our previous blog post, we mentioned how big companies like Saia lead by example and spark positive news in the trucking industry.

And it is once again Saia who is flashing on the news. This time they contributed to an increase in trucking jobs and opened new opportunities for truck drivers in the month of October.

Whether it is the new Indianapolis terminal or various other terminals opening in Northeast and expanding the already large boundaries of one of the most iconic trucking companies in the US.

These new terminals brought new jobs with them, including driver jobs.

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Some Got Their Wage Increased

Together with a delightful wave of trucking jobs that arrived in October, some truck drivers also saw their wages getting a boost.

Melton Truck Lines, for example, raised pay for their drivers on October 15 to stay competitive in the industry and those top-ups are based on a few factors such as road experience and mileage.

But fortunately, Melton wasn‘t the only one as CoreTrans, a company based in Kentucky that operates a fleet of 135 trucks also announced a five-cent-per-mile increase with a few additional bonuses to accompany the salary increase.

a truck driving through a fog

Additional Benefits For Truck Drivers

New hirings and salary boosts are power move no doubt, but there are smaller things happening in the trucking world too. They may not be as noticeable, yet the impact can be just as profound.

There are companies like Mapleton that offer their new drivers $50 for the groceries in their first run. It might not seem like much from the first glance, but it really does help the transition from a new job for the driver and adds great value to the company.

And how about those new CDL programs popping up in various locations such as New Jersey, Michigan and more? A beautiful training program that helps veterans acquire Class A CDL license and fill in those needed positions in the trucking industry.

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