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Entering November With 3 Positive Steps in the US Trucking Industry

Updated: May 23, 2023

From fatal crashes and accidents happening every single day to haunting challenges for the trucking industry to intense geopolitical and economic conditions. There‘s no secret that finding something positive today is a difficult task. But as hard and scary current times might seem for both the US economy and the trucking industry, there‘s always a light that shines through. And it is more than important to catch positivity, as it inspires and motivates us to do great things and strive for success. Enter the month of November with us, while following these 3 steps that left a positive footprint on the US trucking industry recently.

Step 1: Big Companies Lead By Example

It feels like the recession is always lurking around the corner, as many companies are going bankrupt, jobs being swept away and incomes are sinking down. But that doesn‘t mean it is all bad news in the US trucking industry.

To keep moving forward, we must acknowledge the positive aspects that sometimes might be overwhelmed by a number of negative and sometimes even shocking news making the headlines.

Saia for example, one of the iconic trucking companies that originated back in 1924 in Houma, Louisiana and nestled in the top 30 among 100 of the largest carriers in the country today made the news recently as it posted a 37th consecutive quarter growth.

Saia is expanding rapidly and went above the numbers compared to last year‘s same quarter of 2018.

Net income recorded a $32.9 million or $1.27 a share which defeats $28.2 million or $1.09 a share from last year with ease. And when it comes to revenue it is a positive leap of 10.2% from $425.5 million to $468.9 million today.

a red truck driving on the road

Step 2: Economy Growth

The economy of the United States is largely tied to the trucking industry, and fortunately, there are some positive winds blowing into the economic sector.

Intense situations like a trade war with China and political turmoil overall got many economists worrying, but despite modest and slow growth, it is still an economic growth that surpassed many expectations.

The Commerce Department data showcases the GDP growth at 1.9% during the three months which comes ahead of the 1.6% that was predicted. Yet, the growth is still the slowest for 2019 and compared to 3.4% growth of last year‘s third quarter is seemingly low.

These figures play into a continuing problem for US economic growth. But despite that, this was still a reasonable growth in overall perspective and falls in line with many estimates, forecasts, and predictions of the US economy’s realistic potential.

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Step 3: New Opportunities On The Horizon in the Trucking Industry

Those who seek shall find. And if you‘re dug a little deeper, there’s always something interesting and positive to discover within the big and dynamic trucking industry of the US.

As some carriers close their doors some are being born and news reports show that intriguing trends are happening in the US trucking market with fresh opportunities brought by investors and operators of unlikely backgrounds to run a business in the trucking industry.

From a professional NFL Football player to Enterprise Holdings manager and co-founder of Squeezed Juice Company, the Jelani Hawkins, CEO of a successful company named Fat Richard Trucking, LLC out of Houston, Texas, comes in as a prime example. A non-traditional background for a trucking company founder didn‘t stop him from becoming a successful businessman in this dynamic field spreading an exemplary inspiration for those who seek to thrive in this challenging industry.

Truly, an inspiring and intriguing story that casts a promising feeling for the future of the US and the trucking industry as we enter the last months of 2019.

red truck driving on a road

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