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Christmas & Thanksgiving Spirit in The USA Trucking Industry

Updated: May 23, 2023

Thanksgiving is past us, and Christmas is around the corner. What does it have to do with USA trucking? Quite a lot! When these holidays reach the trucking world, kind and beautiful things tend to happen that might be difficult to notice. We all know that the trucking world is big and dynamic, but sometimes, it is small things that really matter. Check out how Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit rolled through the trucking world recently with plenty of good deeds happening in the USA trucking industry.

Table of contents:

Rival Carriers Aid the Stranded Celadon Drivers

Many of us can already sense the beautiful Christmas vibes approaching. But for some, especially employees of Celadon it has been rough times recently.

Indiana-based mega carrier known as Celadon Group is set to file the biggest truckload carrier bankruptcy in the history of USA trucking while leaving thousands jobless and stranded on the road.

But the response from the trucking world was more than fantastic. Not only other companies are offering jobs and free rides to get drivers home, but regular people have also joined in to offer a hot meal, a shower and more. Must be that Christmas spirit!

a truck driving

Thanksgiving Tradition in The USA Trucking

Working in USA trucking has it owns perks that aren’t included in job contracts and employment arrangements. And Thanksgiving is definitely one of them!

Many drivers couldn’t be home for Thanksgiving due to being on the road, but multiple truck stops have stepped in to brighten the holidays up for truckers as much as possible.

Both the Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza and the Boise Stage Stop in Idaho are great examples that continue to offer professional drivers with valid CDL a free dinner that is rich and fulfilling.

This is a tradition that has run for years in the trucking world, and hopefully never stops. Keep those turkeys coming!

a fresh dish

The Elusive Capitol Christmas Tree Arrives

It is very well known that almost everything you have in your home was moved by truck and the driver behind the wheel. But how about something as iconic as the capital Christmas tree?

Here is where the trucking world comes to aid once again, as recently the 60-foot tall tree has completed a 2000 mile trip to reach Washington DC from Carson National Forest in New Mexico.

What did it take to complete such a trip? Team of law enforcement, three truck drivers and the Kenworth W990 which only shows that USA trucking is capable of anything – especially delivering Christmas spirit for people!

the white house

Trucksgiving Was in Full force This Year

Wait a minute. Trucksgiving? We told you that the trucking world has its own perks and secrets, and it can turn something as profound as thanksgiving into its own thing – trucks giving!

It is small acts of kindness by ordinary people that can certainly light up truckers day, a week or even the whole year.

It is a beautiful tradition in Maine that hands out care packages to truck drivers who are on the road during the holidays. And in the past, even the high schoolers joined in to put smiles on people’s faces. The same people that work the hardest and make sure everyone gets to have everything on their table.

truck driving on a bridge

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