Pods truckpoladminJanuary 24, 20202:19 pmPositivity Boost for US Trucking Industry & Truck Drivers in 4 Steps!

US trucking industry is always balancing between the good and the bad, the challenges and new achievements. And while the first indications showed us that 2020 might be a challenging year for both truck drivers and the US trucking industry, it is always important to remain positive and optimistic. And it seems that towards the end of the first month of the year this is the trend that’s happening. Let’s welcome the positivity boost for the US trucking industry and truck drivers in 4 easy steps!


Step 1: California’s Controversial Truck Drivers Law Halted


We simply have to start with California’s AB5 law and how truck drivers achieved major victory recently. The controversial law received heavy criticism due to its threats to more than 70,000 truckers by reclassifying them as employees of minimum wage rather than self-employed independent contractors.

The law received an opposition from California Trucking Association which filled out a federal lawsuit in its efforts to stop the law.

And on January 16, a federal judge halted the procedure of the law indefinitely until further notice which could extend for months or even years while the battle for AB5 will continue in court.




Step 2: Spring Freight Volumes Rates to Increase?


According to various reports, the US manufacturing sector as a whole has been struggling for some time which affects shippers and motor carriers. But recent Federal Reserve Data shows us a 0.2% increase in output by US manufacturers.

This is one of the first signs of recovery, and no one else should be happier than shippers, carriers and the US trucking industry as a whole.

More shipping means more selling for shippers which results in higher trucking rates and benefits for truck drivers. The hope for upside this year and growth in US commerce is real.


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Step 3: Shippers Express Positivity


The survey which was conducted in the last quarter of 2019 has been seen to show optimism among shippers for the future.

The most optimistic ones were LTL (less-than-truckload) respondents with an expectancy of expansion and growth due to e-commerce sales.

When it comes to trucking, it was a more modest vote and actually indicated that many are expecting volume growth to slow down. However, the intermodal competitiveness improvement is expected to increase, and more than 50% of voters expect truckload growth moving towards the future in the US trucking industry.


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Step 4: Optimism is Now Priority in the US Trucking Industry

Despite all the challenges that await, the optimistic approach was emphasized during the Highway Transportation Session at NITL 2020 Summit.

Hundreds of executives and professionals from the US trucking industry and transportation sector came together to discuss a variety of topics and challenges like truck parking, driver retention, contract rates and much more.

The tone throughout the conference was always positive, and it always highlighted what needs to be done for improvement and how to step up the game in various areas within the industry. Let’s see what 2020 has in store for all of us!

ReeferpoladminJanuary 8, 20206:45 pmUS Trucking Industry Outlook for 2020: First Challenges & Bumps on the Road

From hundreds of carriers shutting down and worrying geopolitical events to decreased short-term shipping rates, record-breaking driver shortages and so much more. After two brilliant years for the US trucking industry in 2016 and 2017, it is safe to say that the year 2019 wasn’t a pretty one. What about a new year, a supposedly fresh start? It is not easy to find a positive outlook, thus it looks like it is going to be a bumpy and definitely a challenging road ahead of us. Let’s stroll through a quick outlook for the start of 2020 and what US trucking news has in store for us.

National Compliance Deadline for US Trucking Industry


One of the biggest topics among US trucking news was without a doubt the National compliance deadline. A law that went into full effect recently and required every single truck on American roads to be equipped with an electronic logging device (ELD) is probably the finest example. It is a balance between good and bad, a benefit and a challenge.

The main purpose of the ELD is to create a safer work environment for drivers in the US trucking industry, but also to allow accurate managing, easier communication and more.

Sounds fantastic, but where’s the catch? There’s no secret that ELD adds additional costs of both time and money that can be detrimental for struggling businesses.




Adaption Period for New Software & Laws


The beginning of the new year is definitely a serious adaption period for the US trucking industry. First off, the Freight Index shows us a steady decline in freight volumes and expenditures. But that is just a very tip of adaption iceberg that awaits.

Next up, the US trucking news report laws like this in California that will reclassify independent drivers and could change the whole complexity of trucking in the state.

And yes, ELD also plays a big part once again. Many say that a lot of companies could be underestimating potential costs and problems with new software. Learning how to operate smoothly alongside new software and moving freight efficiently at the same time is one of the biggest adaptions to overcome at the moment.


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Adaption Period for New Software & Laws


The beginning of the new year is definitely a serious adaption period for the US trucking industry. First off, the Freight Index shows us a steady decline in freight volumes and expenditures. But that is just a very tip of adaption iceberg that awaits.

Next up, the US trucking news report laws like this in California that will reclassify independent drivers and could change the whole complexity of trucking in the state.

And yes, ELD also plays a big part once again. Many say that a lot of companies could be underestimating potential costs and problems with new software. Learning how to operate smoothly alongside new software and moving freight efficiently at the same time is one of the biggest adaptions to overcome at the moment.


Running a Trucking Company Continues to be a Major Challenge


Running a trucking company is full of rewards and risks, but it is continuing to be a major challenge due to its strong dependency on many factors: economics, politics, foreign policies and the US trucking industry as a whole.

Then there are driver shortages and striking competition for them, manufacturing declines and various government regulations just like the one in California.

In addition, the unstable environment, tensions in the geopolitical arena and recession lurking around the corner raises the stakes even more. All of this presents a plethora of bumps in the road for someone who desires to become a player in the industry.




The Conclusion: US Trucking Industry is Concerned but Motivated


Who knows what the future holds for the US trucking industry. New tensions are added in the Middle East which can have an effect, but the trend of eCommerce growth continues. And while driver shorter is persistent, the economy might see growth in GDP. It’s an uncertain mix, but one thing we do know for sure – it is going to be a challenging year.


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Trucking, corn fieldpoladminDecember 18, 20192:26 pmLatest Technology Innovations in the US That Are Improving the Trucking Industry

Trucking Industry and technology innovations in the US go hand in hand and are closely dependant on each other. With a fresh year coming very soon, the latest technology innovations in Us has been made over the recent weeks and months. They are boasting high-tech characteristics and aim to improve both safety and overall functionality for moving freight. Let’s check out the latest measures taken to do that while using the latest high-quality tech.

Intelligent ABS for Trailers


Following the announcement at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta on October, Atlanta, Ga. – Wabco presented a new and intelligent anti-lock braking system, also known as iABS which is designed specifically for commercial trailers not only in the US but whole North America.

It is aimed to improve and enhance trailer control, emergency braking and overall trailer system functionality while supporting the strategy to make this a standard.

With such improvement to the commercial trailers and trucking industry, there’s no doubt that the new anti-lock braking system is among the best technology innovations in the US this year.


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High-Tech to Improve Traffic Flow


Traffic is one of those issues that just won’t go away. But it can be improved at specific locations with certain strategies, that’s for sure! This is where the technology innovations in the US and Windsor, Ontario in Canada come into battle the Trucker’s Tuesday.

A volume of truck traffic is so heavy that it got its own name and with over 10,000 trucks passing the US-Canada corridor it desperately needed solutions.

High-tech algorithms and real-time information are now produced for traffic planners by Miovision SmartView 360 degrees fisheye cameras.

This will not only improve traffic and get the trucking industry going more smoothly but boost patience for waiting for the completion of the stunning project of Gordie Howie Bridge.


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Debuting New Trailer Tracking System


Same vehicle show in Atlanta, but the different announcement and a new player within technology innovations in US – new trailer telematics system FleetPulse.

To provide data that is accurate, the sensors are hardwired into the trailer and the dashboard provides all the critical information: from flagging problems and automated issue alerts to streamlining daily inspections and service bookings and beyond.

The fact that the system can and will still be improved bears only good news for the trucking industry in the future.


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Technology Innovations in the US on the Rise Aimed for Safety


With an incident waiting to happen every 15 minutes according to the statistics, the need for technology innovations in the US that are designed for safety is more significant than ever.

The trucking industry needs to get safer and more durable, and a great variety of new technology has been added recently.

From new dry vans that will resist scaling and corrosion while having anti-snag roof bows to rear cameras, stop indicator lamps and more. The trucking industry and technology innovations in the US are definitely moving forward in hopes to make a safer environment for both drivers and pedestrians.


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trucking newspoladminDecember 6, 20198:40 pmOverlooked Issues Within the US Trucking Industry That Needs Solutions

In the past, we talked about the biggest challenges in the US trucking industry as well as how the recession is impacting the trucking world. But once you dive into the vast ocean of trucking news, it is quite easy to see that there’s a lot more issues and challenges than it meets the eye. Some of them are known very well, some could be persisting for decades while others can be overlooked. Let’s take a quick look at which problems are still persisting in the US trucking industry that requires attention and strong solutions.


Harsh Detention Frequency & Length


When approximately 60% of the drivers say they are delayed at least three times a week at minimum, it is a sign that indicates a deep-rooted, yet overlooked issue within the US trucking industry that needs to be solved.

Even though more than half of the truckers who experience detentions receive payments for it, still a large part doesn’t or is afraid to ask for one.

Other reports and trucking news also say that the detention frequency and length have increased over the years which impacts driver productivity, compensation and regulatory compliance negatively.


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Persisting Truck Parking Issues


Of all the problems and difficulties that truck drivers are facing today, for some, it might be a surprise but parking shortage is something more than serious. And it delivers a plethora of issues not only for the US trucking industry but everyone else too.

Various trucking news addressed the issue multiple times, and it seems like a variety of factors such as inadequate state funding, greater shipping demand and hours-of-service driving restriction limiting drive-time windows are making it harder to overcome the problem.

Currently, there are less than 400,00 parking spots for approximately 1.5 million truck drivers on the road at any given time. It results in drivers spending hours searching for an empty parking space that leads to productivity decrease and around $4,600 in lost wages per year.


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Drug Abuse Problem In The US Trucking Industry


While drug abuse problems in the US trucking industry is receiving more and more attention, it could potentially hit driver availability strongly. An area already having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Trucking Alliance Managing Director Lane Kidd said “We have a huge drug abuse problem in the trucking industry, and should actually purge an estimated 300,000 commercial drivers to clean it up. No wonder truck accidents are on the rise” which speaks volumes in the trucking news about the current issue.

And the tricks to overcome the system are plentiful for drug-related drivers today. However, the new Clearinghouse program that is set to go live in 2020 plans to tackle the issue by housing all the positive drug and alcohol tests meanwhile carriers and state licensing agencies will be required to query the site before hiring a driver or issuing a driver’s license.


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Fuel cardpoladminNovember 26, 20192:47 pmThe Good the Bad and the Ugly: Recent Laws & Regulations Affecting Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is hugged by many outside factors. Be it weather, world economics or politics, the trucking world is always affected by something every single day. Recently, a surge of different laws & regulations made their way into the trucking industry. Some are bringing positive changes while others are met by protests and lawsuits. Let’s discover recent laws and regulations that are currently affecting the trucking industry at different locations.


AD Campaigns Proposed To Lure New Workers


As a shortage of drivers in the US continues to be a challenge, laws and regulations makers have decided to take upon themselves to try to increase the workforce in the transportation area overall.

The new proposed bill offers to launch an attempt to attract and hire new workers and improve diversity in the transportation workforce through a series of broadcast, digital and print media announcement campaigns.

Lawmakers also mentioned that both the trucking industry and the transportation sector needs to have more workers to stay competitive. Therefore this new extensive campaign could be the good news for the struggling trucking industry that is in need of new drivers badly.


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California’s Labor Law That Threatens Owners-Operators


While the previous regulations might impact the industry in a more positive way, this one received a lot of controversy in the trucking industry.

It was already opposed by the California Trucking Association by filling out the federal lawsuit in efforts to stop the impending law which could threaten the thousands of truck drivers and their livelihoods.

It is believed that if the AB 5 law goes into full effect it will touch approximately 70,000 truckers and their ability to earn a living as companies that employ independent contractors will have to reclassify them as employees which will deliver an entitlement of a minimum wage and workers compensation.


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New Truck Restriction Program For Winter


Winter is upon us, and some states and cities already have seen some harsh winter weather. But with it comes some new interesting proposals and tests on the road.

According to WNEP, the brand new PennDOT program will act only when the weather gets bad enough that the speed limit will be required to be lowered to 45 m.p.h and will restrict semi-trucks to the right lane.

Authorities are hoping that this new restriction will help to prevent traffic backups that occur during more extreme winter events as well as keep commerce going and provide more safety to the public.




An Expensive New Toll Plan


Another controversial topic in the trucking industry comes back from 2018 when the plan was initially withdrawn due to harsh criticism.

But the plan is back and is set to generate $21 billion for infrastructure improvements while using federal funding, borrowing, and tolling both passenger vehicles and commercial ones.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont presented a new transportation funding plan called CT2030 recently and according to him, around 40% of the fees would be paid by out-of-state drivers and the heavy trucks would pay the biggest rates as they tend to wear and tear the roads the most.


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