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Tired of driving for companies that don’t respect you or treat you fairly?

Long-haul trucking is a tough job that requires a lot of hours on the clock. It can be frustrating to work for people who don’t understand that.


At Paul Mark Group, we want to create better working conditions for drivers across America. When you partner with us as a driver, not only do you get to access jobs from trustworthy, vetted companies, but you also get industry-leading pay rates, a company credit card and paid vacation days, among many other great benefits. There’s no catch-all you need to do to get these perks is show up to work and get the job done.

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Here’s what you get when you drive with us:

company advantages Pay Starting at 55 CPM
company advantages Get $100 for Recruiting Drivers
company advantages Paid Vacations and Bonuses
company advantages Community Support
Access great job offers from trusted, vetted companies

When you join our community, you get much more than a great paycheque, you get membership into a supportive community and opportunities to pick up great jobs. What’s not to love?


Before we work with a company, we send representatives to perform due diligence. We investigate whether the company takes safety seriously, and make sure they treat their drivers well. On top of that, we make sure that the truck you will be driving is in good working order, clean and less than four years old. We also don’t work with companies that hold your money in escrow – that means you always get paid what you’re owed.


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    More great benefits to driving with PMG

    1 New Trucks Max 4 Years Old
    2 Get $100 for Recruiting Drivers
    3 Paid Vacations and Bonuses
    4 Community Support

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