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Are slow, ineffective truck drivers costing your company money?

For many businesses, the answer is yes but they don’t know what to do about it because most of the big logistics companies are the same.


Good news – as a smaller, independently owned company, the Paul Mark Group is different. We are dedicated to providing companies like yours with the capacity to improve your existing fleet and boost overall efficiency. How do we do it? By connecting you to our pool of thoroughly vetted and trained professional truck drivers.

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Here’s how our drivers help boost your bottom line

company advantages Reliable Service
company advantages Low Turnover
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We only get paid when you get paid.

Unlike big companies, we know what it is like to run an independent business. We also understand that every last dollar is important. That’s why we only get paid when our drivers get paid…and our drivers only get paid when they complete their job.


In other words, you get to access a qualified driver for zero money down and only pay when your delivery has been completed. To learn more about this no-risk opportunity to hire drivers and receive a quote on your project, fill out the form below.

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